SOLD – $2.50 – 1860 “New Reverse” PCGS MS63 CAC

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1860 “New Reverse” PCGS MS63 CAC


Serial Number 7791.63/27569436

PCGS Lookup Number 7791

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Type 2 or “New Reverse.” Thin arrows do not touch each other.

There are two types of 1860 quarter eagle: the scarcer old reverse and the more available new reverse. They are easy to tell apart from the size and proximity of the arrow heads. As a date, the 1860 quarter eagle is scarce and undervalued in MS63 and above.

This is a choice, original coin for the grade with undisturbed surfaces which show nice mint bloom. The color is a pleasing blend of rose, green-gold and orange. There are a few marks seen on the obverse with the most prominent being below the ninth star; the reverse is very choice.

The last PCGS MS63 example of this variety to sell at auction was Heritage 1/10: 3844 which brought $3,738. It was housed in an old holder and was choice for the grade.

This coin is a great value for the money as it is seldom seen in MS63 and higher grades.

This is the only example of this date/variety to have been approved by CAC in MS63; one has been approved higher than this.