SOLD – $2.50 – 1847-D PCGS AU55 CAC

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1847-D PCGS AU55 CAC


Serial Number 7746.55/11335224

PCGS Lookup Number 7746

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Variety 9-M.

The 1847-D is one of the best made and most available Dahlonega quarter eagles. There are a small number of examples with really special deep, original color and these are avidly sought-after by specialists and type collectors alike.

This example is one of those 1847-D quarter eagles with really special color. Both sides show a mix of lush reddish-green and russet hues which are especially bold and attractive. Speaking of “bold,” the strike on this coin is absolutely hammered with as much detail as one will see on a quarter eagle from this mint. In my opinion, this coin would not look out of place in an AU58 holder and I have seen many inferior pieces graded as such.

The last 1847-D quarter eagle in a PCGS AU55 holder to sell at auction was back in July 2009. A PCGS AU58 sold for $4,994 as Stacks Bowers 8/15: 10188 and it was not as choice or original as the present piece.

If you want to own a Dahlonega quarter eagles that absolutely oozes character, this is one you’ll want to strongly consider.

CAC has approved five in this grade with 12 finer.