SOLD – $2.50 – 1847-D NGC AU55+ CAC

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1847-D NGC AU55+ CAC


Serial Number 3316941-002

PCGS Lookup Number 7746

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Variety 9-N.

The 1847-D is one of the more available Dahlonega quarter eagles struck during the 1840′s and it makes an excellent type coin as it tends to be well struck on high quality planchets. Some examples are seen with exceptional color and these are highly prized by collectors.

This lustrous golden-orange example is not quite an AU58 due to just a hair too much wear but it is clearly better than your “average” AU55 and while I think calling an AU55 coin an AU55+ is silly, in this case, it makes sense. There is a touch of softness at the central obverse and a few small ticks in the fields; the reverse is very choice.

No 1847-D in AU55 has sold at auction since March 2011 and non have crossed the block–in this grade–with CAC approval.

A perfect type coin for the collector who wants a really nice Dahlonega quarter eagle for less than $4,000.

CAC has approved four in AU55 with 12 better.