SOLD – $2.50 – 1847-C NGC EF45 CAC

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1847-C NGC EF45 CAC


Serial Number 2563149-004

PCGS Lookup Number 7745

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The 1847-C is the closest thing that exists to a “generic” issue in the Charlotte quarter eagle series. It is more available than any other date in circulated grades but nice, problem-free examples are becoming more difficult to find and are always in demand as type coins

This light orange-gold example has a good deal of dirt in the lettering on the reverse and it is clean with even wear on both sides. The central reverse is a bit weak as struck. The level of eye appeal is clearly above-average for the grade.

The last CAC approved 1847-C quarter eagle in EF45 to sell at auction was a high end PCGS coin that brought $2,702 as Stacks Bowers 2011 ANA: 9208. Two non-CAC PCGS EF45 examples brought $1,955 and $2,233 at auction in 2012.

This is an excellent example for the new Charlotte collector who is seeking an affordable introductory quarter eagle from this mint.

CAC has approved two examples in this grade with 12 finer.