SOLD – $2.50 – 1845-O PCGS EF45

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1845-O PCGS EF45


Serial Number 7739.45/33914005

PCGS Lookup Number 7739

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The 1845-O is the unquestioned rarest quarter eagle from the New Orleans mint, as one would expect from an issue with an original mintage of just 4,000. Well under 100 are known and this is one of the few issues of this type with multiple levels of demand. Most seen in the VF-EF range have been cleaned or processed and pieces with natural color and problem-free planchets are scarce and in demand.

This choice example shows natural medium russet color with a hint of underlying luster in the protected areas. It is well struck on a well-made planchet which means that the eye appeal is far better than usual for the issue.

Only two PCGS EF45′s have sold at auction since 2007 and the last sold cheaply for $2,990 as Bowers and Merena 8/10: 1482.

Although prices have risen for this date in recent years, I feel it is still undervalued given its overall scarcity and the popularity of the New Orleans quarter eagle series.