SOLD – $2.50 – 1843-C Large Date PCGS EF40 CAC, OGH

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1843-C Large Date PCGS EF40 CAC, OGH


Serial Number 7728.40/5106812

PCGS Lookup Number 7728

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Large Date variety, designated by PCGS.

Housed in an old green label “rattler” holder and at least an EF45 if not a full AU50 by today’s standards.

Varieties of 1843-C quarter eagles are known with a Small Date and a Large Date. The latter is considerably less rare and there are hundreds of 1843-C Large Date quarter eagles known, mostly in the EF40 to AU50 range. Pieces which are choice and original are scarce.

I’m not certain why this coin wasn’t awarded a gold sticker by CAC as it is clearly well undergraded by today’s standards. The color is a delightful rich russet hue with dirt present in the recesses on both sides. There is some underlying luster and the surfaces are free of significant marks.

Goldberg 2/12: 1172, at $1,898, is the only auction record for a CAC approved PCGS EF40 example of this variety and while nice, it didn’t compare to the present piece.

A neat little coin which should appeal to the collector who appreciates original Charlotte quarter eagles.

CAC has approved three in this grade with 15 finer.