The "Ten Favorite Coins in Ten Weeks" Series: A Look at Some Interesting US Gold Coins

If you are a sports fan, you are probably aware of the wonderful ESPN series 30 for 30. As I watched an episode a few nights ago about the sad demise of the Big East conference, I thought about doing a blog series which looked at 30 of my favorite coins over the course of 30 days. After realizing this was waaaaay over ambitious, I tempered my initial enthusiasm to ten coins in ten weeks.

So here’s the skinny.

Every week I’m going to choose a coin which, after my nearly three decades as a professional dealer, still gives me goosebumps to buy. You’ll be surprised by some of my choices. Some won’t be gold coins but will be nostalgia-based due to my early days in the coin market (hint: I’m still intimidated by those gaping holes for the 1856 and 1877 in my circa 1968-70 Flying Eagle and Indian Head Penny set). Others won’t be rare in the true sense of the word, but will have a design or an historical element which still appeals to me. And yet others won’t be specific dates but rather types (Fat Heads!) which get me hot and bothered to this day.

While this is probably a social media pipe dream, I’d love for this series to be interactive and for you to share with me (and the readers of this series) your thoughts on the coins I select and your own "10 in 10."

Look for this series to begin next week.