Guess Who's Back?

Between being sick for a week (and don't think I don't know who you are Mr. Boston Red Sox hoodie in seat 14C) and having web hiccups as the new site was introduced (how do you like it?) the was not its usually chipper self for close to two weeks. But here we are in October and, as I write this, I feel better and I feel that we are going to have a great month. And I'm not even going to brag about the amazing Indian Summer we are having in Portland... So what's upcoming and why should you be as excited as I am? Well, for starters, the Clyde Collection of Charlotte half eagles is coming up for sale and it should be posted and ready to go on Wednesday October 3. There are a number of terrific coins in this set and some of the highlights include:

  • 1838-C $5.00 graded VF35 by PCGS. A pleasing example of the most popular half eagle from this mint.
  • 1843-C $5.00 graded AU55 by PCGS and approved by CAC.  Choice and original!
  • 1844-C $5.00 graded AU58 by PCGS and approved by CAC. A superb example of this rarity.
  • 1852-C $5.00 graded MS62 by PCGS. Lustrous and choice with great color.
  • 1854-C $5.00 graded MS61 by PCGS. Very rare in this grade.
  • 1860-C $5.00 graded AU58 by PCGS and approved by CAC. As nice an example as you are likely to find.
  • 1861-C $5.00 graded AU53 by PCGS. Popular Civil War issue.

In addition to Clydestock, you can look forward to over a dozen interesting new coins that will be added to the site over the next few days.  Whether you collect early gold, branch mint gold, Proof gold or big, rare gold there will be something for you.

The only show I'm going to this month is the Fall ANA in Dallas. Having lived in Big D for many years, I'm looking forward to going back to the Ol' Stompin' Grounds and I hope to see many of the collectors in the Metroplex who I have done business with over the years. I will be sending you emails in the coming days about my table location, when I will be there and how you and I can get together toether to do a little business in Big D.

The spike in gold prices is starting to have an impact in the rare gold market. I have noticed increased demand for interesting coins in the last few weeks, especially in the ten dollar and twenty dollar denominations. Other areas that seem to be strong now include nearly all Civil War issues, traditionally scarce/rare coins and early gold with CAC approval.

If you collect Dahlonega gold, you'll be happy to know that I have finally finished my manuscript for the third edition of Gold Coins of the Dahlonega Mint, 1838-1861 and it is at the printers even as we speak. Its going to be a 225+ page epic chock full of great color photos and a huge improvement over the last edition (which was also way out-of-date, having been published back in 2003. I have some great projects I'm working on right now that involve my books, the website, apps and more and I urge you to check the site on a regular basis for updates.

Thanks for your patience the last few weeks and please feel free to contact me to let me know what we can do the website to make it even better.