1882-S $20.00 PCGS MS62 CAC

Along with the 1879-S, 1880-S and 1881-S, the 1882-S double eagle is one of the true condition rarities in the Type Three series. In MS63, this coin sells for $15,000-16,000 (if you can find one) which makes a high end MS62 like this at around a quarter of the price a seemingly superb value. This coin is very fresh with lovely rose and light green-gold color atop very frosty, undipped surfaces. There are just a few too many marks on the obverse to grade this a point higher but it is close in quality to the few MS63 coins that have been offered at auction in the last few years. If you are a collector of Type Threes, why not save your money for the really rare coins and stick with a choice MS62 to fill your 1882-S hole?