1871-CC $20.00 NGC AU50

The 1871-CC is the second rarest double eagle from this mint. Given the fact that all but a few collectors will ever purchase an 1870-CC, this date is, therefore, the most significant expenditure that they will make for their CC double eagle set. Nearly all of the 1871-CC double eagles that I've seen for the last five+ years, no matter if they were graded by NGC or PCGS, have been characterized by unoriginality and poor quality surfaces. This example is a notable exception. It is choice and totally original with lovely deep, natural orange-gold color that becomes a bit more intense at the borders. The surfaces are wonderfully clean and this is an exception for this issue as most 1871-CC double eagles have extensive marks. The strike is sharp and even and the overall level of eye appeal males this among the more aesthetically appealing examples of this rare date that I have seen in many years. I recently saw an NGC AU53 example trade wholesale for $36,000 which I thought wasn't remotely as nice as this piece. If you have been hunting for a great 1871-CC double eagle, this is a coin that you should give strong consideration to.