1863 $20.00 PCGS AU58

The two rarest Civil War double eagles are the 1862 and 1863, in that order. Both dates have become quite expensive in Uncirculated grades, making nice AU58's (like this coin) a viable option for most collectors. This piece is semi-prooflike and very boldly detailed with no real wear but enough friction on the high spots to accurately grade it as an AU58. But this isn't your average, run-of-the-mill AU58. It is a lovely "super slider" with nice light orange-gold and rose color and great overall eye appeal. There are some abrasions on both sides, probably from being shipped loose in a bag, but other than a shallow scrape below star one on the obverse, none of these are very detracting. The last few AU58 examples of this date that I have seen at auction or on the bourse floor have traded in the $14,000-15,000 range but lacked the overall eye appeal that this piece has in spades. A terrific coin for the advanced collector of Type One double eagles or the Civil War gold specialist.