1859-C $1.00 PCGS AU53 CAC

The 1859-C is the rarest Type Three gold dollar from Charlotte (and among the rarest dollars from this mint) but it is actually less rare than the 1857-C in higher grades. Like the 1857-C, the 1859-C has a very distinctive appearance due to its method of manufacture. This piece is actually very well produced for the issue with a nice planchet that is less defective than usual. The strike is sharp with a full date and much bolder denticles than usual. Unlike nearly every 1859-C dollar that I've seen in the last few years, this piece hasn't been processed and it shows very nice original green-gold color. A small shallow planchet defect, as made, rests on the rear of Liberty's throat. You could look for years and not find a more attractive circulated 1859-C dollar than this. CAC has approved just two examples of this date in AU53 and none finer than this.