1841-D $5.00 NGC AU58 CAC

Small D mintmark variety. This coin shows excellent detail and has virtually no real wear but there is just a touch too much friction seen on the obverse and reverse to grade it Uncirculated. Nonetheless, it has eye appeal that is superior to examples that I have seen in MS61 holders. The obverse is very choice with considerable amounts of frosty luster and nice light golden-orange color; the reverse is a bit less lustrous and its color shades a bit more towards rose hues. As a date, the 1841-D is a curious issue as it is a bit more available in Uncirculated than dates such as the 1840-D and 1842-D Small Date but it is rarer from an overall perspective. In the higher AU grades, the 1841-D is seldom offered for sale and very few auction appearances have been recorded in the past decade for coins grading AU55 and AU58. With a nice Uncirculated 1841-D now costing in the $15,000+ range, this choice "slider" should appeal to many collectors.

This is the only 1841-D half eagle in AU58 to have been approved by CAC. Only one finer has been approved.