1841-C $5.00 PCGS EF45 CAC

Attractively toned with deep golden hues that are contrasted by deeper russet and violet flashes at the right obverse and across the fields on the reverse. From the standpoint of remaining luster and "body," this piece probably grades AU50 or a touch better but it is a touch on the abraded side with some old marks seen in the fields on both sides. I have noticed that Liberty Head gold coins in circulated grades with premium coloration have begun to sell for premium prices in the last year or so. I believe that this is due to the fact that sophisticated collectors are tired of character-free pieces and are willing to step up to the plate for coins with "one in a hundred" color. As a date, the 1841-C is scarcer than most people realize and, like most of the early date half eagles from this mint, it is hard to find in circulated grades with good color and eye appeal.

Ex Littlejohn Sale (Lot 578) where it sold for $2,645