1807 Bust Right $5.00 PCGS MS62

BD-5, High R-6.. In 1807, two varieties of half eagle were struck: the old Capped Right and the new Bust Left. Of the two, the former is scarcer, especially in higher grades. This is a delightful example for the date with a really "fresh" appearance that suggests an MS63 grade, Both sides show lovely rich yellow-gold and reddish-orange colors and this piece has never been dipped or processed unlike so much early gold. The strike is very slightly weak at the centers as is common for this die variety and there are a few minor mint-made adjustment marks on the obverse rim from 3:00 to 5:00. There are no less than five die cracks seen on the obverse including a few terminal state ones; clearly the dies for this varirty were about to break apart as this coin was made. Although I am not asking a rarity premium for it, BD-5 is believed to have only twenty or so pieces known and most are in lower grades. A wonderful type coin for the collector who insists on freshness with his early gold purchases and a date that is undervalued in this grade and with this degree of eye apopeal.