1801 $10.00 NGC AU58 CAC

BD-2, Rarity 2. Early die state with no cracks or clashing noted. I really like being able to offer Heraldic Eagle ten dollar gold pieces for sale on my website but the problem with these beautiful coins is that nearly all the ones that I see these days are washed-out, free of any color and grossly overgraded. That's why I was so happy to obtain this coin. It is solid for the grade with very nice surfaces, a significant amount of original skin and pleasing medium coppery-rose color which is a bit more intense on the obverse border than anywhere else. The surfaces are extremely clean with the exception of a very small grease stain on the obverse near star two and a tiny old mark on Liberty's cheek. There are probably around 750-1000 examples of this date known to exist and you can find an 1801 in grades up to an including MS63 to MS64. But for most collectors, a nice AU55 to AU58 is perfect as it displays the loveliness of this design but it is still within reason from a price standpoint. Very low end AU58 examples of this type trade on a wholesale level in the $19,000-21,000 range. The last auction trade for an NGC AU58 1801 eagle with CAC approval that I am aware of is Heritage 2010 ANA: 3543 which brought $23,000. CAC has approved fifteen examples of this date in AU58 with another 28 higher than this.