1800 $5.00 NGC MS63 CAC

BD-2, Rarity-3. Blunt 1 variety. While not given much of a premium over more common dates of this type, the 1800 is a scarce issue in the higher Uncirculated grades and an issue which doesn't get the respect that it deserves. I have built a number of date sets of 1800-1812 half eagles in MS63 and above and nice examples of the 1800 have always proven to be elusive. This high end example has a very fresh appearance with attractive even light green-gold hues on the obverse and the reverse. This coin is really "as struck" and it has the body and appeal of a borderline Gem but there are a few mint-made issues that need to be noted. There is a small, thin vertical planchet flaw on Liberty's face that is hard to see as well as some very faint adjustment marks at the obverse center. On the reverse, there is a tiny crack in the planchet that curves from the top of the arrows into the shield. But other than these, the surfaces are immaculate and the overall eye appeal is well above average for the date. There have been just two MS63 examples of the 1800 half eagle in MS63 sold at auction in the last two+ years.

Ex Heritage 10/11: 4859 where it brought $29,900.