The Top Ten List of Bad Coin Collection Names

In my recent article on branding your collection, I discussed how a serious collection of coins deserved a serious name. But not everyone got my point. In the spirit of numismatic humor, here is a list of bad coin collection names:

  1. The Bright and Shiny Collection of Charlotte Gold
  2. The Cheeto Orange Collection of Indian Head Quarter Eagles
  3. The Overrated Issues Collection of Civil War Gold
  4. The Sight Unseen Collection of Three Dollar Gold
  5. The Not Really Full Head Collection of Standing Liberty Quarters
  6. Arthur’s Collection of Questionably Toned ASE’s
  7. The How Did This Get in a Holder Collection of Trade Dollars
  8. The Dark and Not-So-Lovely Morgan Dollar Collection
  9. The Arm-n-Hammer Set of Liberty Double Eagles
  10. The Bad Advice Collection of Proof Gold

And the special, all-time bad collection name is……

The Drunken Bidder Collection of Gem Type Gold

What are your selections for Bad Collection Names? Go ahead and leave us a comment below sharing your favorites.