The United States $3 Gold Pieces 1854-1889

The Three Dollar gold piece is one of the most enigmatic yet collectible United States gold coins. Little has ever been published about this series and most collectors are not aware of the history behind this denomination and how it relates to American history of this era as well. Doug Winter and David Bowers’ “The United States $3 Gold Pieces, 1854-1889” is the first comprehensive guide to collecting Three Dollar gold pieces. Published in 2005, this exciting 176 page guide is superbly illustrated and it has quickly become the standard reference for Three Dollar gold. The combination of Bowers’ ability to relate the history of the denomination and of an American society in transition along with Winter’s unparalleled knowledge of the Three Dollar series has created a book that has become an integral part of the library of all series collectors of United States gold coinage.

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