1842-O $5.00 NGC EF40

While not all that widely known, the 1842-O is the second scarcest half eagle from this mint (after the 1847-O) and it is actually rarer than virtually any half eagle from Charlotte or Dahlonega in terms of the total number of coins known to exist. This piece has the "right" color for the date with a deep lime-green hue seen on the obverse and reverse. The surfaces are clean and the wear, while fairly extensive on both sides, is even and acceptable for the grade. The last 1842-O half eagle in EF40 to sell at auction was the Stacks 1/07: 5115 coin (graded by NGC) that sold for $5,500 and before this the ANR 3/05: 691 example (graded by PCGS) sold for $3,680. Very rare, very undervalued and very nice.