SOLD – $2.50 – 1846-D PCGS AU50

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SOLD – $2.50 – 1846-D PCGS AU50


Serial Number 7742.50/33095884

PCGS Lookup Number 7742

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Variety 7-L. Later die state of the D/D.

This is the later die state of the rare and popular 1846-D/D quarter eagle. It shows all the diagnostic marks mentioned in my book, but the mispunched D can barely be seen, and it can’t be sold as such.

The coin itself is pleasing and lustrous with medium green-gold color over lightly abraded surfaces. A small horizontal nick on Liberty’s face is not detracting but must be mentioned.

Only one non-damaged PCGS AU50 1846-D quarter eagle has sold at auction since 2007 and it brought $2,647 in a Great Collections April 2011 Mail Bid sale.

If you are more persistent than I am and can convince PCGS that this coin is really an 1846-D/D, you can make yourself an extra thousand bucks or so!