SOLD–$5.00 – 1909-O NGC AU53

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SOLD–$5.00 – 1909-O NGC AU53


Serial Number 3602335-012

PCGS Lookup Number 8515

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The 1909-O is the only Indian Head half eagle made at the New Orleans mint. It is a distinctive one-year type coin with the lowest mintage (34,200) of any date in this series. It is seen, from time to time, in the lower to middle AU grades but not often with good eye appeal or original surfaces.

This coin has an interesting backstory. I purchased it from an American coin dealer who bought it in Europe where it was sold as a “1909″ half eagle. The mintmark, as always, is rather faint and I’m almost certain that the European dealer who originally had this coin missed the valuable little “O” on the back.

As you can see from the photo, this coin puts the “d” in dirty. It has years and years of Euro-grime stored in its recesses and the underlying surfaces appear to be clean with a good degree of mint luster on both sides.

The last NGC AU53 1909-O half eagle to sell at auction was Heritage 1/13: 7280, which brought $9,988. That piece lacked the character which this coin shows.

In my opinion, for most collectors a nice AU53 to AU55 is the perfect grade for this key date and the present example is among the crustiest that I have seen.