SOLD–$5.00 – 1858 PCGS MS63 CAC

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SOLD–$5.00 – 1858 PCGS MS63 CAC


Serial Number 8276.63/32488377

PCGS Lookup Number 8276

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The 1858 is one of the scarcer pre-Civil War half eagles from the Philadelphia mint with an estimated 100-125 known from an original mintage of 15,136 business strikes. It is seen most often in the EF40 to AU50 range and there are likely no more than seven to nine in Uncirculated. The finest known is an NGC MS66 which last sold for $52,875 in April 2013; another two or three exist in the MS63 to MS64 range.

This remarkable coin will divide viewers: some will love its heavy copper spotting (count me in that camp) while some will comment that this coin looks like its had the measles. These spots are as made and offer full proof that the coin has never been doctored. The rest of the coin is equally exceptional with rich color, dense frost and minimal marks. I believe that this coin is the second finest 1858 half eagle and I like it much more than the PCGS MS64 which sold as Lot 3922 in the Heritage July 2014 sale.

The only record of sale for a PCGS MS63 is all the way back in January 1996 when Heritage sold a piece for $11,550.

A very rare coin in this grade and an exceptional value for the savvy collector.

CAC has approved one in this grade with none finer.

Ex Heritage 4/15: 6215 at $8,519 (as NGC MS63) earlier ex Milas: 510 (Stack’s 5/95) where it sold for $10,450.