SOLD–$5.00 – 1800 NGC AU55+ CAC

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SOLD–$5.00 – 1800 NGC AU55+ CAC


Serial Number 3660021-001

PCGS Lookup Number 8082

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BD-2, R-3. Very late reverse die state with a crack through the bottom of the shield and another through the left side of the R in AMERICA.

In circulated grades, the 1800 is one of the more available Capped Bust Right half eagles but it tends to be more in demand than dates such as the 1802/1, 1803/2 and 1805 due to its status as the initial issue from the 19th century.

This is a superb coin for the grade with as original an appearance as one might wish for. Both sides show deep, dusky green-gold color with the reverse a bit deeper in hue. There is some dirt in the recesses and the detail is excellent with very sharp centers despite the late state of the dies mentioned above. A few small, well-concealed marks on the obverse are probably what kept NGC from grading this coin a full 58 but it has far better eye appeal than most I see in AU58 (or even MS60) holders.

The last NGC AU55 (not a “+” coin) to sell at auction was Heritage 8/12: 5345 at $11,163. A PCGS AU55 (not a “+” coin) sold for $12,075 in Heritage’s 10/11 auction. Neither of these two had CAC approval.

This is an exceptional piece of early gold with eye appeal to spare.

CAC has approved 12 1800 half eagles in AU55 with 37 finer. It is likely that this is the only AU55+ with CAC approval.