SOLD–$2.50 – 1847-O NGC MS60 CAC

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SOLD–$2.50 – 1847-O NGC MS60 CAC


Serial Number 3609375-002

PCGS Lookup Number 7747

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The 1847-O quarter eagle is similar in rarity to the 1846-O, 1851-O and 1852-O. All four dates are easy to locate in circulated grades but are rare in Uncirculated. There are probably not more than 15 or so properly graded Uncirculated 1847-O quarter eagles with most in the MS60 to MS61 range.

This is an unquestionably “new” example which would almost certainly have graded a point or two higher had it been a bit more sharply impressed. It is frosty and original with pleasing medium to deep orange-gold and crimson shadings in the fields. The centers are not fully brought up while the borders show better detail.

The last MS60 example of this date to sell at auction was ex Heritage 1/11: 6712 where a non-CAC approved piece realized $3,220. Two other examples graded MS60 brought $3,220 and $3,335, respectively, in 2007 and 2008.

You would be hard-pressed to find a much rarer New Orleans quarter eagles at this price point.

CAC has approved two in this grade with four finer.