SOLD–$20.00 – 1876-CC NGC EF40 CAC

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SOLD–$20.00 – 1876-CC NGC EF40 CAC


Serial Number 1666566-001

PCGS Lookup Number 8977

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The 1876-CC is one of the two most available Type Two double eagles from this mint along with the 1875-CC. This makes it ideal for use as a type coin.

This dark, dirty coin is the epitome of an original Carson City double eagle and it shows deep orange-gold color contrasted by darker hues on the devices. For a coin with this much wear, there is a surprising amount of luster and I have seen many worse examples in 45 or even 50 holders.

Three NGC EF45 examples of this date have sold at auction so far in 2014 and none have been CAC approved. These coins brought $3,055, $3,819 and $3,055, respectively.

An affordable and attractive Type two CC double eagle.

CAC has approved 17 in this grade with 91 finer.