SOLD–$20.00 – 1876-CC NGC AU55 CAC

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SOLD–$20.00 – 1876-CC NGC AU55 CAC


Serial Number 3811986-011

PCGS Lookup Number 8977

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The 1876-CC is the second most available Type Two Carson City double eagle after the 1875-CC. The 1876-CC is reasonably available in AU55 to AU58 grades but most of the coins in this range are either bright from dipping or extensively abraded. Rally choice pieces are not easy to locate and are in demand as type coins.

This lightly worn, lustrous example is notable for its choice, natural orange-gold and rose coloration on the obverse and the reverse. The surfaces are lightly marked and have a somewhat reflective texture which is seen on a small number of examples of this date. Other than a small nick on Liberty’s throat, there are no marks of note and the eye appeal is far above average for the grade.

Five different NGC AU55 examples of this date with CAC approval were sold at auction between 2013 and 2015 with prices ranging from a low of $5,875 to a high of $7,638.

A perfect Type Two Carson City type coin.

CAC has approved 19 in this grade with 58 finer.