SOLD–$10.00 – 1876-CC PCGS VG08 CAC

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SOLD–$10.00 – 1876-CC PCGS VG08 CAC


Serial Number 8675.08/30836758

PCGS Lookup Number 8675

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A total of 4,696 eagles were struck at the Carson City mint in 1876 and this issue is rare in all grades. It is much harder to find than the 1871-CC and the 1874-CC but not as rare as the 1872-CC and 1873-CC; the best comparable is the 1875-CC. Lower grade coins are offered from time to time but seldom with choice surfaces and a natural appearance.

This coin has a wonderful appearance for the grade and it probably should have been grade F12 by PCGS. It is clean and evenly worn with a nearly full border on the obverse, good feather detail on the reverse and choice surfaces save for an old reeding mark below IN from the motto.

No VG8 examples of this date have been sold at auction. A dreadful NGC F12 sold for $3,450 as Heritage 4/12: 6727 while a PCGS F12 which looks identical to the present specimen (but which isn’t) brought $2,990 as Heritage 2/09: 2927.

This piece belongs in the Platinum Level of the “if coins could talk” club.

CAC has approved just this one in this grade with nine finer.