SOLD – $20.00 – 1854 Small Date NGC MS61

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SOLD – $20.00 – 1854 Small Date NGC MS61


Serial Number 589538-008

PCGS Lookup Number 8911

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Small Date variety.

There are two varieties of 1854 double eagle known. The more common is the Small Date. It is easily found in grades up to AU55 but it is scarce in AU58 and surprisingly rare in Uncirculated; far more so than the 1851-1853 Philadelphia issues. There are probably not more than two or three dozen known in Uncirculated but nearly all of these in the MS60-61 range.

This fresh, lustrous example shows medium orange-gold color. It is well impressed on the obverse but a bit weakly struck on the reverse center. The surfaces are free of any deep or detracting abrasions and the cheek lacks the rub found on sliders. The eye appeal is above-average and I have found this variety to be surprisingly difficult to locate with good eye appeal.

I recently purchased a PCGS MS61 with CAC approval for $12,925 as Stacks Bowers 2014 ANA: 12008. in their April 2013 auction, the same firm sold an NGC 61 without CAC approval for $11,456.

Given that only one MS62 example of this variety has sold at auction in the last five years (and it wasn’t very choice, in my opinion) this nice MS61 is just about the best available for the date.