SOLD – $20.00 – 1854 Large Date NGC AU53

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SOLD – $20.00 – 1854 Large Date NGC AU53


Serial Number 3411695-009

PCGS Lookup Number 98911

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Large Date variety.

Most 1854 double eagles employ a Small Date punch but a limited number use a Large Date with the logotype from the silver dollar of this year. The 1854 Large Date was not well known until a few years ago but it has been recognized as one of the most important varieties in the Type One series. It is very scarce in the lower AU grades, rare in AU55 to AU58 and very rare in Uncirculated.

This piece has the luster and body of an AU55 but it is just a bit too “marky” to grade as such. There is a visible nick on the cheek of Liberty and some scuffs in the fields; the reverse is clean and choice. The color is a light green-gold with rose overtones and the strike is typical for this variety with mostly sharp details at the centers.

Only six auction records have occurred for AU53 examples of this variety since 2006 which was when it was first designated by NGC. The last record, which is this coin, was for $12,650 in 7/11.

I recently sold a choice PCGS/CAC AU58 example of the 1854 Large Date in the mid-$20′s and many collectors expressed interest in it. If you missed that coin or if you need an 1854 Large Date and couldn’t afford the higher grade coin, this piece may prove to be ideal.

Ex Heritage 7/11: 4990 where it brought $12,650.