SOLD – $20.00 – 1851-O NGC EF45 CAC

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SOLD – $20.00 – 1851-O NGC EF45 CAC


Serial Number 3311864-011

PCGS Lookup Number 8905

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Along with the 1852-O, this is one of the more common New Orleans double eagles. That said, any twenty dollar gold piece from this mint is desirable and nice, original EF examples with good color and choice surfaces have become very hard to find.

This is a “textbook” coin for the grade with deep, original green-gold color covering the obverse and the reverse. Both sides are exceptionally clean with just a few well-hidden scuffs on the obverse. If I were a collector seeking a nice New Orleans Type One issue, I’d much prefer this coin to a scuffy, bright AU50/53.

No CAC approved EF45′s have sold at auction in recent years. Heritage 1/14: 7008, graded EF45 by PCGS and way inferior in quality to the current example, sold for $4,700.

The perfect type coin for the collector seeking a single relatively affordable double eagle from the New Orleans mint.

CAC has approved 14 in this grade with 27 finer.