SOLD – $5.00 – 1844-D PCGS MS61

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1844-D PCGS MS61


Serial Number 8221.61/26607040

PCGS Lookup Number 8221

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Variety 11-G. Repunched flag on the 1 in the date.

The 1844-D is among the more available half eagles from this mint but, as with all D mint fives, this is a rare issue in Uncirculated. There are likely only a dozen or so known with most of these in the MS60 to MS62 range.

Unlike the other MS61 1844-D half eagles which have traded in recent years, this example is unquestionably new with no wear seen on the high spots and no significant luster breaks in the fields. The color is a lovely even deep yellow and green-gold with a patch of darker color in the lower right obverse field. The strike is excellent and the overall appearance is fresh and attractive.

Three PCGS MS61 1844-D half eagles have sold at auction in the last and each has been a low end problematic coin, resulting in low records of $8,813, $8,519 and $7,638. Unfortunately, this hurts the value of a nice coin like this, which should trade for over $10,000 given its quality and rarity.

This would make a fine type coin for a collector seeking a single high grade half eagle from the Dahlonega mint.