SOLD – $5.00 – 1843-O Large Letters NGC AU53

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1843-O Large Letters NGC AU53


Serial Number 2598340-010

PCGS Lookup Number 8216

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Large Letters Variety, late die state.

The Large Letters is the more available of the two varieties of 1843-O half eagle. It is still scarcer than its mintage of 82,000 would suggest and it isa harder coin to find in all grades than the more highly-valued 1843-C and 1843-D half eagles.

This is a nice, original example with a good amount of mint luster peering below medium green-gold and yellowish color. Some traces of dirt remain in the protected areas and the surfaces show only a few minor scuffs. There is actually enough detail and luster to suggest a 55 grade but this is a late die state and, as a result, the lower reverse appears fuzzy, especially the lettering in AMERICA (note the IC in this word which is nearly invisible!)

There have been no slabbed AU53′s sold at auction since Heritage 5/07: 3602 at $2,070 and only three in this grade since early 2006.

An affordable, attractive example of this scarce and much undervalued issue.