SOLD – $5.00 – 1843-C NGC EF45 CAC

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1843-C NGC EF45 CAC


Serial Number 3515157-003

PCGS Lookup Number 8214

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Variety 2.

The 1843-C is numismatically significant as the last half eagle from this mint to use the old Small Letters reverse. Beginning in 1844, all half eagles switched over to the familiar Large Letters. The 1843-C is one of the more obtainable early half eagles from this mint.

This is a solid coin for the grade with nice original color and choice surfaces. There is a good amount of dirt in the recesses on both sides and the detail is as sharp as one would hope for on a coin graded EF45.

There were four EF45 examples of this date sold at auction in 2012. Prices ranged from a low of $2,415 to a high of $3,738. None were CAC approved.

CAC has approved two in this grade with six finer.