SOLD – $5.00 – 1838-D PCGS VF25

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1838-D PCGS VF25


Serial Number 8178.25/33446961

PCGS Lookup Number 8178

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Variety 1-A.

This numismatically significant issue is both a one-year type and a first-year-of-issue for half eagle produced at the Dahlonega mint. It is far from the rarest D mint issue of this denomination but it is among the most popular and only the expensive 1861-D has the same multiple levels of demand.

This example is well worn but nicely balanced with the obverse and the reverse showing equal amounts of overall detail. Both sides are covered with natural deep russet toning and the underlying surfaces show the expected small marks which come with this degree of circulation. Luckily, the appearance is warm and wholesome and this piece gives a good overall appearance for the grade.

Only two VF25 1838-D half eagle have sold at auction since early 2007. The last APR was $6,325 for a nice CAC approved piece offered as Heritage 7/12: 4848.

The demand for affordable 1838-D half eagles seems to be stronger than ever and this nice VF25 should appeal to a variety of collectors.