SOLD – $5.00 – 1818 PCGS MS63 CAC

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1818 PCGS MS63 CAC


Serial Number 519911.63/33210439

PCGS Lookup Number 8119

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BD-1, R-5. Normal Dies, Die State C.

The 1818 half eagles are represented by three distinct types: BD-1 with a Normal Die reverse, BD-2 with the words STATESOF run together and BD-3 with the denomination blundered as 5D/50. The latter is the rarest while BD-2 is the most available. BD-1 is the most underrated with around 50-60 known, mostly in the AU50 to MS61 range.

This coin has an interesting backstory and it shows the most spectacular color I have seen on nearly any half eagle of this type. It was part of the so-called Virginia Cabinet, a group of coins assembled in the 19th and early 20th century and literally forgotten until Heritage sold it at auction for $47,000 in April 2015. At the time, it was graded MS63* by NGC and it has subsequently been crossed to a PCGS MS63 holder and approved by CAC. It was likely stored in a paper flip or a coin cabinet which imparted intense deep golden-orange hues with reddish-purple highlights. This color is deep and vibrant and it rests atop frosty, undisturbed surfaces. The strike is sharp and the eye appeal is higher than on just about any 1818 half eagle I have seen.

The only finer 1818 Normal Reverse half eagle that I am aware of is the PCGS MS65 Pogue coin (which I grade MS64) that just sold for $129,250. A very nice PCGS/CAC MS63 5D/50 Reverse sold for $69,000 as Heritage 1/12: 4669.

It is likely that this amazing coin is in the Condition Census for the BD-1 variety and it has an appearance that must be seen to be appreciated. It would make a great type coin or it would fit comfortably into a world-class date set of Capped Head Left half eagles.

CAC has approved three in this grade with one finer (MS65).