SOLD – $5.00 – 1807 Draped Bust NGC MS63 CAC

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1807 Draped Bust NGC MS63 CAC


Serial Number 3673432-004

PCGS Lookup Number 8092

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Draped Bust variety. BD-1, R-4. Very late die state with prominent reverse die cuds located on the rim from 7:00 to 10:00.

1807 is a significant transitional year for this denomination as the Mint produced both the old Draped Bust Right design and, later in the year, introduced the new Capped Bust Left design which ran until 1812. The 1807 Bust Right is a reasonably available issue in lower grades and can even be found in MS60 and MS61 without a great effort. In MS63, it is very scarce and with original color and surfaces, it is almost impossible to find.

This coin is one of the most original half eagles of this type that I have seen. It displays superb deep orange-gold and greenish color in similar hues on the obverse and reverse. The strike is better than usual for the variety and this is noteworthy given the state of the dies. Both sides are very frosty and show light marks only with just a few ticks in the left obverse field visible with the naked eye. The eye appeal of this coin is decidedly above average and this is one of the pretties examples of this type that I can recall seeing.

There has never been a CAC approved 1807 Bust Right half eagle sold at auction. Heritage 1/12: 4855 sold for $21,850 but it was very low end for the grade. No other MS63 example has crossed the block since January 2006.

If you appreciate originality and you have been searching for an example of this popular early type for your set, look no further!

CAC has approved four in this grade with just two finer.