SOLD – $5.00 – 1800 NGC MS61+

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1800 NGC MS61+


Serial Number 3600959-007

PCGS Lookup Number 8082

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BD-3, R-6. Only 18-25 are believed to exist and this is the second rarest variety of 1800 half eagle.

The 1800 is among the more available half eagles of this era but it is not an easy issue to locate in Uncirculated grades. Most of the Mint State coins I see are in the MS60 to MS61 range and have poor eye appeal.

This is an exceptional coin for the grade with very strong claims to the full MS62 level. It is slightly reflective and well detailed with lovely medium orange-gold and pale green colors that change to a more fiery reddish hue in the obverse fields. It has never been dipped or processed and this fact alone makes it unusual and desirable. A few really trivial matrks in the obverse fields are probably what kept this coin from grading higher but it is truly attractive. The reverse, by itself, grades a full MS63.

While few collectors focus on varieties of 1800 half eagles, the rarity of this variety in Uncirculated makes it potentially a high premium coin some day.

Ex Heritage 10/12: 5824 where it sold for $17,625