SOLD – $3.00 – 1857-S PCGS EF45 CAC

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SOLD – $3.00 – 1857-S PCGS EF45 CAC


Serial Number 7977.45/27675010

PCGS Lookup Number 7977

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While 14,000 were struck, the survival rate for this date is not very high and the 1857-S is, like all San Francisco three dollar gold pieces except for the 1856-S, a scarce and under-appreciated issue. When available in EF grades, it tends to be bright and lack eye appeal.

This evenly worn, well-detailed example shows attractive even natural honey-gold color on both sides. As is typical for the issues, the date is not boldly impressed and what appears to be wear on the central hair strands is actually a lack of definition, as made. There are just a few minor marks visible and some luster can be seen; a bit of dirt clings to the recesses and shows that this piece has not been dipped.

Only four PCGS graded EF45 examples have sold at auction since the beginning of 2006. The last one to sell was Heritage 1/12: 6967 which went cheaply at $2,883.

The Three Dollar gold series is loaded with good value and a Choice EF example of this tough date at less than $3,500 just seems too cheap to me.