SOLD – $3.00 – 1855-S PCGS EF40 CAC

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SOLD – $3.00 – 1855-S PCGS EF40 CAC


Serial Number 7973.40/20878815

PCGS Lookup Number 7973

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This issue is numismatically significant as the first Three Dollar gold piece struck at the San Francisco mint. Only 6,600 were made and while survivors are a bit more plentiful than one might assume, choice original pieces in collector grades are extremely hard to locate.

This is a nearly perfect coin for the grade even wear, good detail for the issue and pleasing natural russet color. The surfaces are very clean save for a few tiny marks before the O in OF.

Only two PCGS EF40s have sold at auction since 2000. The last example, ex Heritage 4/10: 3557, brought $2,645 and was approved by CAC.

There are numerous good values in the Three Dollar series and a choice, CAC-approved example of this scarce issue at less than $3,000 seems awfully high on this list.

CAC has approved three in this grade with seven finer.