SOLD – $5.00 – 1871-CC PCGS VF20

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1871-CC PCGS VF20


Serial Number 8323.20/11559586

PCGS Lookup Number 8323

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The 1871-CC is the second most available early date half eagle from this mint after the 1874-CC but it is a scarce issue with an estimated surviving population of 100-125 coins from a mintage of 20,770. It is typically found in VF-EF grades and it becomes very pricey at the AU level.

This is an extensively worn but cosmetically appealing example with strong detail for the grade and pleasing natural green-gold color. There are no problems noted on the surfaces and the wing detail is suggestive of a VF25 to VF30 grade.

Only one auction record for a VF20 exists since February 2007 and it is for this exact coin (see pedigree, below)

This is a nice coin for the CC half eagle collector who wants a solid-for-the-grade affordable 1871-CC.

Ex Heritage 1/13: 7228 where it sold for $3,819.