SOLD – $5.00 – 1867 NGC AU53

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1867 NGC AU53


Serial Number 3605745-018

PCGS Lookup Number 8313

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There are probably fewer than 100 known from an original mintage of 6,870 and the 1867 half eagle is not often found in grades above AU50. I have personally seen just one in Uncirculated (a PCGS MS61 from the Bass II sale in 1999) and virtually every slabbed AU58 is overgraded by at least three to five points.

This is a solid AU coin with a good deal of body seen below light to medium orange-gold color. The surfaces, as on virtually all known 1867 half eagles, show a number of small abrasions as a result of rough handling during circulation. There is a bit of luster on both sides and, for the issue, the eye appeal is a bit above average.

The last AU53 to sell at auction before this piece was an NGC coin that brought $3,738 as Heritage 9/08: 3718.

An undervalued issue that, despite a new found level of interest for coins of this sort, is still very affordable.

Ex Merkin 3/69: 306 (as “XF+”) where it brought $40. The original auction flip is included.