SOLD – $5.00 – 1864 NGC MS60

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1864 NGC MS60


Serial Number 3316283-007

PCGS Lookup Number 8296

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As one might expect from a Civil War gold coin with a mintage of only 4,170 business strikes, the 1864 half eagle is rare in all grades with an estimated 60-70 known. In Uncirculated, the 1864 is extremely rare with just two or three known. The finest I have seen is the PCGS MS61 from the Bass II sale which sold cheaply at $10,350 in October, 1999.

This fresh to the market, while showing scuffs on both sides, is unquestionably “new” with full mint luster and no signs of wear on the high spots. The color is an even light yellow-gold which is similar to that seen on the few other high grade 1864 half eagles which I have seen. For the date and grade, the eye appeal is strong.

No MS60 1864 half eagle has ever sold at auction. The most recent record for an MS61 is Heritage 4/15: 5349 which I purchased for $22,325 and which is ex Milas: 529 where it brought $14,300 back in May, 1995.

This is d ate with strong multiple levels of demand and it is just the second Uncirculated 1864 half eagle which I have ever owned. An exceptional opportunity for the serious collector.