SOLD – $5.00 – 1861-S NGC AU55 CAC

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1861-S NGC AU55 CAC


PCGS Lookup Number 8291

Serial Number 1579504-001

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While 18,000 1861-S half eagles were struck, most were later melted and today fewer than 75 are known. Most are seen well worn with VF and EF specimens being most available. IN AU, the 1861-S is very rare and I doubt if more than three to five pieces are known which are accurately graded AU55 or finer. No 1861-S half eagle is currently known in Uncirculated.

This example is the nicest 1861-S half eagle which I have ever offered for sale. It is totally original with nice natural russet color accentuated by splashes of rose. There is a good deal of luster beneath this color and the surfaces lack the deep, detracting marks endemic to this issue. This is the only nice AU 1861-S half eagle I have ever seen with original color and choice surfaces and the eye appeal is exceptional for the issue.

Only three AU55′s (all NGC) have sold at auction since January 2008. A non-CAC NGC AU58 which was low end for the grade, in my opinion, sold for $16,450 as Heritage 4/15: 5347.

This is an extremely important coin for the San Francisco half eagle specialist or the Civil War gold collector and it is likely one of the top two or three known for the issue.

CAC has approved just this one coin in AU55 with none finer. Only three for the entire issue have thus far been approved.

Ex Heritage 1/08: 3200 where it realized $14,950.