SOLD – $5.00 – 1860-C NGC AU55 CAC

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1860-C NGC AU55 CAC


Serial Number 569300-051

PCGS Lookup Number 8285

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Variety 1. Normal date.

This is the second-to-last half eagle made at the Charlotte mint and while it has a much lower mintage than the issues from the mid to late 1850′s, it gets little premium. It is actually a scarce issue which I rank as the ninth most difficult Charlotte half eagle to locate.

As with all 1860-C half eagles, this piece must be graded solely by the obverse as the reverse die, as on the 1859-C, was not properly hubbed. The obverse is very choice with some luster and good detail; both sides show pleasing natural greenish-gold color which changes to orange-gold towards the borders. There are a few small marks in the obverse fields but this piece is extremely high end for the grade.

A total of seven slabbed AU55 1860-C half eagles have been sold at auction since 2006. Prices have ranged from a low of $3,220 to a high of $4,485. None of these have been approved by CAC.

This is probably the nicest 1860-C half eagle I have seen in an AU55 holder and I think it compares favorably to many examples graded AU58 by both services.

Ex Superior 10/89: 4439 (with original flip),  Jascha Heifetz collection.

This is the only 1860-C half eagle in AU55 which has been approved by CAC; three finer pieces have been approved as well.