SOLD – $5.00 – 1848-D/D PCGS MS62

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SOLD – $5.00 – 1848-D/D PCGS MS62


Serial Number 8239.62/30335475

PCGS Lookup Number 8239

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The 1848-D/D is not only the rarest half eagle from the Dahlonega mint, it is likely the rarest single issue. While it is a “variety,” it is typically collected alongside regular issue half eagles from this mint and it is recognized by both PCGS and NGC.

There are probably not more than 15-20 pieces known in all grades. This estimate is based on 25+ years of looking at every 1848-D half eagle which I was offered or saw at auction/in dealer’s inventories. This also discounts the late die state of this variety on which the doubled mintmark has worn off or been effaced.

The present example is the finest known 1848-D/D by a huge margin and it is (and has been since it was discovered nearly a decade ago) and it remains unique in Uncirculated. The only other nice 1848-D/D that I have seen is a PCGS AU53 with a CAC gold label sticker which was choice and original. The others I am aware of all grade in the EF40 to AU50 range and are not especially choice.

This piece is extremely well struck and it clearly shows the lower initial mintmark punch clearly to the naked eye. It is fully lustrous and shows soft golden-orange color on both sides with some faint, wispy hairlines seen with light magnification. A small scrape on the reverse at around 5:00 serves as ready identification.

I purchased this coin at auction in 2008 (see below) and it has been off the market in a private collection since then. I hesitate to use the expression “unique offering” as this is an overworked cliché but I honestly feel that once this coin is placed in a new collection another chance to acquire an Uncirculated 1848-D/D half eagle may never occur.

Ex: Southern collection, ex Doug Winter, Heritage 5/08: 3232 where it sold for $29,900.