SOLD – H10¢ – 1862 PCGS MS67 CAC

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SOLD – H10¢ – 1862 PCGS MS67 CAC


Serial Number 4381.67/25503249

PCGS Lookup Number 4381

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Thanks to some hoards, the 1862 half dime is more available in Gem and Superb Uncirculated than most Civil War era silver coins. The highest graded is a small group of MS68′s.

The obverse is silvery-white at its center and framed by fiery reddish-gold changing to blue at the rim; the reverse is a slightly deeper shade of silver with some color on the edge. As is common for the date, there are some clashmarks at the centers. The surfaces shimmer with thick frost and are virtually “as struck.”

The last PCGS MS67 CAC approved example of this date to sell at auction was Heritage 4/13: 1680 which brought $2,820. That piece was a bit too deeply toned for my tastes and I think the present example has better overall eye appeal.

How many other Civil War silver coins can be purchased in MS67 for this price?

CAC has approved 16 in this grade with two finer (both MS68).