SOLD – 25¢ – 1824/2 PCGS VF35 CAC

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SOLD – 25¢ – 1824/2 PCGS VF35 CAC


Serial Number 5335.35/24362729

PCGS Lookup Number 5335

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B-1, R-3. The only die marriage for this year.

While a reported 168,000 1824/2 quarters were struck, it is believed that the actual number is much lower. As a date, the 1824/2 is quite scarce and it is usually seen in very low grades. Only one example graded higher than EF40 has sold at auction in the last three+ years.

This naturally toned Choice VF shows rich natural grey color and it appears to be fully original with no signs of a past cleaning or brightening. The obverse is very close to grading a full EF40 and it has an even appearance; the reverse is a tad less well-detailed with a bit more of an uneven look due to some areas of silvery color at 7:00 and 12:oo-1:00. There are no marks of note and the eye appeal is extremely good for the date and grade.

Auction records for this date in VF35 are a bit misleading as the same coin (low-end, in my opinion), was offered no less than three times between March 2010 and January 2011. The 1824/2 quarter is not easily found in EF grades either and the last EF40 (cleaned and recolored) was offered at auction in June 2011 where it brought $5,175.

An important early quarter for the advaanced specialist.

Ex Stack’s Bowers 11/11: 2034, where it brought $4,312 before it was approved by CAC.

This is the only 1824/2 quarter in this grade to be approved by CAC; eight finer examples have been approved as well.