SOLD- $1.00 – 1853-C NGC MS64 Elrod Collection

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SOLD- $1.00 – 1853-C NGC MS64 Elrod Collection


Serial Number 3673583-008

PCGS Lookup Number 7522

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Elrod Collection pedigree, as indicated by NGC.

The 1853-C gold dollar is slightly rarer than the 1852-C and much rarer than the 1851-C. It is sometimes seen in the lower Uncirculated grades but it is very scarce in MS63 and very rare in MS64 with only three or four pieces known to me. The current example is likely the second finest known trailing a solitary NGC MS65 which I sold to a Southern collector back in the late 1980′s.

This piece has nicer color than on any other high grade 1853-C dollar I can recall seeing with rich natural reddish-gold colors seen on the obverse and reverse. This piece is literally “as struck” with good detail for the issue and no describable marks but there is some mint-made planchet roughness across the upper obverse.

The auction record for this date in MS64 is $16,675 set back in November 2006 by a bright, dipped coin that I don’t like as much as the present example.

This piece is from the famous Stanley Elrod collection which is still the single finest set of Charlotte coinage ever assembled. It was sold privately back in 1989-1990 and was subsequently broken up. Today, few coins are traceable to this collection and it serves as a Holy Grail pedigree for Charlotte collectors.