SOLD – 10¢ – 1872-CC PCGS EF40 CAC

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SOLD – 10¢ – 1872-CC PCGS EF40 CAC


Serial Number 4657.40/32935445

PCGS Lookup Number 4657

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Fortin 101, R-4.

The 1872-CC is a rarity within the Seated Dime series, especially in higher grades. Of the 200-250 which exist, I would estimate that well over half are either well worn or are “no grades” due to some sort of post-strike damage. Problem-free Extremely Fine coins are rare and this date is very rare in AU.

This piece is well-made and struck on a planchet which shows none of the usual roughness or porosity. It features lovely natural gunmetal-grey color and the wear seen on both sides is even. The overall appearance is extremely natural and this is unusual for an issue whose level of eye appeal is typically far below average.

No straight-graded EF40 1872-CC Dime has appeared at auction since July 2003. The Gardner IV: 98275 coin, graded EF45 by PCGS but not approved by CAC, realized $14,100 while another PCGS 45 coin, this one approved by PCGS, realized $12,925 as Heritage 4/15: 4990.

An extremely attractive and fresh example of the Carson City rarity.

CAC has approved this one coin in EF40 with four finer.